Understanding Cellulite

Written by Charlotte Wood (last updated May 31, 2013)

Cellulite is not uncommon. In fact, cellulite is so common, it's almost considered uncommon to not have some cellulite somewhere. If you don't know what cellulite is or if you have it or if it's actually a problem, then read on. People have misconstrued ideas of what cellulite actually is, and so the more you understand about cellulite, the more you'll understand your own body and what you can do about cellulite.

Cellulite is basically the flesh of your lower limbs, pelvic area, and abdomen that dimples as you mature. Cellulite can come at anytime past puberty—it can appear during maturation or even years after adolescence. Chances are that sometime in your life you will develop cellulite, and so you should be assured that it's definitely not uncommon. You should also know that the concerns surrounding cellulite are purely cosmetic. Cellulite poses no health risk and is not a threat to your physical state of well being. Some people may be under the delusion—thanks to the appearance-obsessed media—that cellulite is an actual problem, when really the "problems" with cellulite are simply based on what society deems as attractive. Knowing that cellulite poses no threat to your health, your opinion on cellulite reduction may change. If not, however, there are ways that you can reduce your cellulite to have a smoother, more socially attractive body.

Reduction methods include simple treatments like prescribed and over-the-counter creams to more extreme methods like plastic surgery. Most cellulite reduction methods have their merits, but all are not purely legitimate. You should know that there is no surefire way to completely eliminate your cellulite, and that fat and cellulite are different things. If you see a product boasting of its ability to rid fat while mentioning cellulite, stay away because it's not telling the whole truth. Some fat and cellulite treatments can help both, but because fat and cellulite are different, the same treatment won't be effective for both. Again, cellulite can never be completely eliminated; depending on the treatment you use—and on how much money you spend—you may be able to quite convincingly reduce your cellulite. However, do keep in mind that to keep that smooth look, you will have to continually treat your cellulite. Without continual treatment, the cellulite will come back.

Cellulite treatments are usually aimed at taking your money rather than reducing your cellulite. You need to be aware of the scams out there so you can better realize what you're spending your money on, and also so you can determine whether or not reduced cellulite is worth it. Take this information and do further research to decide if reducing your cellulite is right for you. Use caution and always keep your own actual health and well being as your top priority.

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Charlotte Wood


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