Reducing Cholesterol Naturally

Written by Rebekah Scott (last updated May 10, 2010)

Cholesterol is a soft, fat-like substance that is primarily produced in the liver, and circulates through the body in the blood stream. When too much cholesterol is present, it sticks to the walls of blood vessels and can cause them to harden or become clogged, which can then lead to heart attacks or even death. Cholesterol levels are usually maintained by genetic and biological factors outside of patient control, but all doctors will advise their patients to be mindful that the majority of their diet is not focused on foods that are naturally high in cholesterol. Animal products such as cheese, eggs, and red meat are some of the main culprits in raising cholesterol levels. Some cholesterol is needed by the body, but moderation is the key. Besides cutting back on certain foods, increasing the consumption of more healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables has proven to help reduce high cholesterol. Choosing low-fat or non-fat dairy products is always a good decision, as well as adding fiber to the diet wherever possible. Exercise is always a beneficial to the body, and it is especially beneficial when someone is trying to reduce their cholesterol naturally. Regular physical activity can increase the level of good cholesterol and lower the level of bad cholesterol that leads to clogged arteries and heart attacks. Exercise also gets the heart pumping faster and blood flowing more quickly which can help clear out deposits of cholesterol that have been built up along the walls of blood vessels. Adults are advised to engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week. That means at least four! Natural supplements are gaining in popularity as people look for alternative ways to handle their medical conditions. Caution should be exercised whenever choosing a natural supplement to reduce cholesterol. Thorough research should be conducted and a doctor must be consulted before taking any additional supplements. Only a healthcare professional will know if a natural treatment is effective, and whether or not it will interact with any medications you are currently be taken for high cholesterol or any other medical problems. Also, never replace prescription medication with natural supplements. This can cause a variety of serious problems. Trying to reduce cholesterol naturally is a good start to improving your health. By trying the natural approaches in this article, you may be able to see a reduction in your cholesterol levels the next time you visit your doctor.

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Rebekah Scott


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