Nutritious Eating Habits For Healthy Skin

Written by Rebekah Scott (last updated June 8, 2010)

Balance should be the first goal of any diet to improve the health of the skin. Start by looking at how many fruits and vegetables you usually eat on a daily basis. Doctors recommend that adults eat at least five servings of healthy fruits and vegetables a day. When you are choosing fruits and vegetables, select a variety of options in many different colors. Not only will the meals you eat be more attractive, but you will also be consuming more vitamins and nutrients. Believe it or not, color is often an indication of the unique nutritional characteristics of specific fruits and vegetables. Adults should also be eating between six and seven servings of whole grains a day. For optimal health, try to make the majority of these servings whole grains instead of refined grains which have had much of the beneficial nutrients taken out. Surprisingly, some doctors recommend cutting back on dairy if you are having problems with your skin. They say that studies have shown that the hormones given to dairy cows enter their milk, and when consumed can cause breakouts or other skin problem. If you feel like this may have been the cause of some of your skin problems, try switching to soy milk or hormone free dairy options. Once you have an idea of what a balanced diet is comprised of, you can fill out your eating plan with foods that contain nutrients that have proven to be beneficial to healthy skin. Vitamins that contain antioxidants such as Vitamins A, E, and C can prevent the damage done to skin by harmful elements, and possibly reduce the signs of aging. Vitamin A is found in carrots and sweet potatoes, but don't eat too many or a faint orange tint may appear in the skin. This condition isn't serious, and is completely reversible. The best source of Vitamin E is vegetable oils such as olive and sunflower oils. You can also find Vitamin E in nuts and dark leafy greens like spinach. Vitamin C, of course, is plentiful in citrus fruits. It is also important to drink plenty of water to keep skin moisturized and looking fresh. Avoid beverages that are classed as diuretics such as coffee, tea and soda because the caffeine they contain saps water from the body and promotes dehydration. Though a healthy eating plan may require some difficult adjustments in the way you are used to eating, the results will be more than worth it when you consider the improvement it will bring to your skin and overall health. The condition of your skin is a good indication of your general well-being, so if you keep yourself healthy, your skin will be healthy too.

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Rebekah Scott


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