Whether you or someone in your family has diabetes, this common disorder impacts everyone's life in one way or another. It is important to understand what diabetes is and why it is necessary to treat not only the symptoms, but as much as possible, the underlying cause.

This section of tips includes information about diabetes, its signs, causes, and where to get the necessary supplies to manage the condition. You?ll also find information about gestational diabetes and hypoglycemia along with general tips about blood glucose and insulin pumps.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Controlling Diabetes
Finding out that you, or someone you love, has diabetes can be a huge and dramatic blow. Often times, most people can feel just a tad overwhelmed. That being said, controlling diabetes is a relatively easy thing to do as long as you have the right information.

   Diabetes Mellitus
If you or a family member have diabetes, then chances are pretty good that you have heard of the phrase diabetes mellitus and wondered what it was. The answer to your question is both simple, and rather long. All you need to do is keep reading to find out.

   Diabetes Supplies
It is important to know what diabetes supplies are available and necessary. With the appropriate supplies you can more effectively deal with diabetes.

   Diabetes Symptoms
If diabetes runs in your family or if you suspect you may have diabetes, it will be important for you to recognize symptoms. If you do recognize symptoms of diabetes it will be helpful in properly reporting to your doctor so, if needs be, he can diagnose you quickly.

   Diabetes Testing
If the doctor suspects (or you suspect) that you may have diabetes, you will have to undergo a few different tests to find out. Naturally finding out that you will be subjected to a few medical tests can be a bit nerve wracking. That is, until you learn about those tests, and see what you can expect.

   Diabetic Neuropathy
Diabetes is a disease that no one really wants to get, and one that if the proper care isn't taken can produce all kinds of problems. One such problem is something called diabetic neuropathy. In most situations, the best way to avoid problems is to learn about what they are prior to them appearing. This is one such case.

   Living a Free and Open Life with Diabetes
Living with diabetes can be taxing both physically and emotionally. To enjoy a full life with diabetes, it's important to live a healthy lifestyle and be open with those around you.

   Living with an Insulin Pump
New to what an insulin pump is? Don't worry, this article will unravel the mystery and make things a little easier to understand.

   Living with Gestational Diabetes
Living with gestational diabetes is very easy and can be done in such a way that both you and your baby stay healthy. Many women who are diagnosed are cured soon after the delivery of their baby.

   Signs of Diabetes
Signs of diabetes include increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger and weight loss. If you suffer from diabetes your body is unable to process sugar and deliver it to your cells. This inability to process sugar results in extreme hunger, sometimes just after eating. A blood glucose test will determine if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, which is an increase in blood glucose levels though not yet to the level of diabetes.

   Treating Hypoglycemia
Taking care of yourself should be of prime importance when you have hypoglycemia, and there are treatments you should utilize in that care.

   Types of Diabetes
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes, the various kinds of diabetes can make treatment confusing. Understanding each kind can help you ask the right questions and get the right treatment.

   What Causes Diabetes?
Diabetes has become such a prevalent disorder it is likely that everyone knows at least one person suffering from it. Approximately 5.7M people in the United States are unaware they are living with Diabetes that has not yet been diagnosed.

   What is Blood Glucose?
Blood glucose is the amount of sugar in your blood. Too-high or too-low blood glucose levels can lead to complications.

   What is Hypoglycemia?
Sugar is the basic fuel that keeps the body going. When the level of sugar in the blood stream falls, it creates a condition called Hypoglycemia. In this article some of the causes of Hypoglycemia are discussed, as well as steps that can be taken to address this potentially life threatening condition.