Parasitic Infections

Parasitic infections are the ultimate ew! Creepy crawlies.

But revulsions aside, there are solutions if you have met a creepy. Bed bugs are the nuisance of the 21st century—and $1,000+ per night doesn't seem to guarantee you won't be taking home a six-legged souvenir or two in your baggage. We have tips for the infamous bed bug rash. Another dreaded infection is ringworm—and the upside is that it's not what you think it is (which is a good thing). It can be handled with over-the-counter medications and good personal care. We've got what you need to know.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Bed Bug Rashes
Bed bugs are, for some strange reason, becoming a more and more common pest in today's world. As such, it only makes sense that everyone should learn how to identify, treat, and if at all possible, prevent bed bug rashes.

   What is Ringworm?
What is ringworm? When asked, most people will tell you the wrong answer. The truth about ring worm is actually fairly simple to understand. Keep reading to find out about what ringworm really is.