Everyone has experienced a headache at one time. Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. Other types include migraines and cluster headaches. Whether you suffer from routine migraines or have only experienced an occasional headache, the tips in this section can help you handle the pain.

Understanding headaches and knowing how to deal with is important information that you'll find here. There are also tips about tension and sinus headaches along with the dreaded migraines.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Dealing with a Migraine
Dealing with a migraine headache while suffering from one can be painfully exhausting. Knowing the signs of an impending migraine, understanding what triggers your migraines, and taking fast action when your migraine starts will help you through your next migraine episode.

   Getting Rid of Butalbital Headaches
Anyone who takes barbiturates such as butalbital to relieve severe headaches should be informed about the possibility of developing rebound headaches. Taken frequently, you could fall into a cycle that is difficult to break. Getting rid of butalbital headaches should involve discussing with your doctor methods of withdrawal from the addictive drug.

   Getting Rid of Sinus Headaches
Sinus headaches are caused by swelling within the sinus cavities, and not by allergies. Discuss with your doctor the possible causes for your sinus headaches, and determine the correct therapy to suit your needs. Treatment for sinus headaches starts with a proper diagnosis.

   Getting Rid of Tension Headaches
Caused mostly by stress, you cannot cure tension headaches with medication. Keep a headache journal and discuss with your doctor what you can do to prevent tension headaches from occurring. In the meantime, take over-the-counter or prescribed medications to help relieve the pain.

   Understanding Types of Headaches
Headaches are painful, debilitating, and extremely complex. Though the exact mechanics of headaches are still unclear, knowing the different types of headaches that there are can help you cope with one the next time it hits.