Stomach Pains

Upset stomach, constipation, bloating, and general abdominal pain are common problems and most people will experience at least one of these at some point. The severity of the pain or discomfort can vary from person to person.

From motion sickness to celiac disease, the articles in this section can help you deal with the symptoms of your stomach pain and give you some ideas about dealing with your condition.

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   Dealing with Car Sickness
Most times car sickness is mild and ends shortly after the car trip is over. Knowing what triggers your car sickness can help you deal with it and, in some instances, avoid it altogether.

   Dealing with Motion Sickness
Some over-the-counter antihistamines can block the chemical signs of motion sickness, but knowing what triggers motion sickness and avoiding the causes can help you deal with it and sometimes avoid it.

   Living with Celiac Disease
Living with Celiac Disease may seem burdensome at first because several dietary restrictions must be made to exclude any foods that contain protein gluten. But, with awareness and a new perspective on everyday diet, it is possible to successfully manage this disease.

   What is Celiac Disease?
Celiac Disease is an intestinal disorder that causes severe abdominal pain. These problems always begin with the consumption of protein gluten, and from there can lead to any number of complications and symptoms. An awareness of this disease can help with early diagnosis and the changes in lifestyle that will drastically ease the problems caused by Celiac Disease.