It's easy to take your eyes for granted until you have a problem with your vision. While some diseases and conditions are very serious, others are relatively minor and can be resolved quickly.

The tips in this section will help you deal with some of the more common issues that can occur with your eyes. Pink eye is an extremely contagious infection that is easily treated and you'll find some information here to help you deal with the symptoms. There are also so tips so help control redness.

Tips, Tricks, and Answers

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   Getting Rid of Red Eyes
Red and inflamed eyes can have many causes. You can reduce the inflammation and prevent any infection from spreading to both eyes by avoiding contact with the affected eye, by not wearing makeup or contact lenses and by following any prescriptive directions for applying antibiotic or antiviral eye drops.

   Laser Eye Surgery
There are many kinds of laser eye surgery available. As with any kind of surgery, before getting laser eye surgery three important things should be considered: eligibility for surgery, type of surgery, and skill and experience of the surgeon.

   Treating Pink Eye
A common eye infection amongst children, pink eye is more of a nuisance than a painful malady. Unfortunately, it is happens to be a very contagious condition, and when symptoms of red, itchy, gritty eyes appear you will soon find you are confined to the boundaries of home until all symptoms have disappeared.